PLC-Alarm Management never been easier

Share your alarmlist and documentation with other programmers, engineers, translators, project manager and other people which are involved to your projects to get a proper alarmlist and machine documentation and export the right file for your PLC/HMI/SCADA software.

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Developed close to our customers

All features and functions were wishes from your first customers. Let us know your problem and let us find a perfect solution together.
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Mark your standardized alarms to inherit them to child-projects. No similar alarms with same meaning any more.


Share your project or whole project-groups with our colleagues, with your translater, or with the documentation office and give them the rights they deserved.

Different PLCs

Every customer is unique. So we try to support more and more PLC systems to industrial standard.


Give every alarm in every language a specific document and export the hole manual once you need it

PLC library

Tested libaries and expamples will help you during the first projects.


We have all your machine alarms, so we can also provide a list for you to check all alarms for machine acceptance.

Used Messages

A standardized message list only makes sense if it can also be flexibly adapted.


More than 100 languages can be selected to give your machines the regional flexibility they need.

Additional Alarm Lists

A second alarm list will give you the flexibility to create efficient meaningful alarm texts.

Stress-free alarm management

from start till finish

All features are here to make your work more efficient and your life easier.
First customers showed us that your idea is working. Now it is your turn.

Excited to TRy

The process is easy!


Get inspired by our examples

We have a few examples and tested libraries to show you our idea, how a new PLC standard which fits with our system can make alarm management more easier.


register and try our WebApp

Login or get registered (done in 2 minutes) and try the WebApp. The WebApp and all functions are free so no hidden costs during the beta-phase.


Tell us exactly what you need

Every machine and plc programming standard is different. So in case you need something special, let us know your wish and we are trying to implement it. Do not hesitate, it is just the beginning of your journey.

Thanks to our first customers

Many documents get managed by us. And much more alarms.

More than 10.000 alarms are created and more than 1000 documents got managed by us.

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Supported Languages

… and it is just the beginnning

You ask, we answer

We just started, so we know that a lot of points are not well described. But we are working to feed our website with information

Of course, every programming standard is unique and every machine also. So if you have no idea how your system can fit with our system, let us plan a online meeting to present us our standard. After that we find the right solution, we promise.

Shifting efficiency projects back was never a good idea. And also not in times like this, there the change is getting faster and faster. Let me say you, change will also never be that slow.

We are just in the beginning of your service. And till the first customers are satisfied we do not want money from you.

Also creating a special solution for you, is for free as long it is also useable for other users.

Our target is start a subscription model till Q4-2022.

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