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Global – Google Docs Merge & Export

With this function it is possible to merge all available merged language documents. Make sure that all language-merges have the right documentation before starting the process.


Once you are ready, you can press the “Merge” button to start the merging process. Depending to the amount of documents it can take up to more than 5 minutes.

But don’t wait for it, because you will be informed by email as soon it is ready. The email also includes a link to the newly merged document.


If at least one merging was done, you can download the latest one by clicking on the button “Export”. You can also see the date and time from latest merge.

During the merge the button “Export” get greyed and unclickable till it is finished. But the button “Export” is also greyed and unclickable if there is no file from the merge available.

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