Your Advantages

  • Create your alarmlist online
  • Link every alarm to a variable
  • Add a documentation to every alarm
    • Work together on the documentation
    • Approved editor-technology from Google-Docs and Microsoft-Word-Online
    • User-defined templates for every project
  • Share a project or a projectgroup with other people
    • Invite other engineers to work together on a project
    • Invite a translator to complete new alarm- and docuentation languages
  •  Export a list to import it in our PLC-, SCADA- or HMI-Software
    • Inform us if you need a special export format
  •  Upload your alarmnumbers or variablenames to let the WebApp know what alarms are used
  • And more functions come in the future we just started. Tell us our wishes and visions

Our Features

Our main feature is the alarm list with those documents. In that list you can add alarms in 108 languages. You can add a document for your manual or alarm description. You can add more than 65.000 alarms numbers and export the list for your PLC engineering software.

By making an alarm to a standard alarm you inherit them into child projects.

If you have too less alarms, you can add a separate list to be flexible.

In case you need your project alarm manual, you can merge all documents into one file.


Different machines do not mean that every alarm is unique. So, some parts of the machine are similar to the parts of other machine types. For that it is important to have the feature of standardize specified alarms and inherit them to other projects, machine types, or machines.


International companies have to provide their machine interfaces in different languages. So a multilingual HMI or SCADA is necessary. Also some regions have another spelling than regions right next to it. For that we went the way to implement all language code we found. This gives our platform and your work the maximum of efficiency.


Having a well sorted alarm list with is just the halfway to an efficient project. Every alarm also needs its own documentation to get the machine back in operation. For that we added a feature to have a specified document for every alarm in every language.
In the PLC you can then create a file which says the PLC-Alarm WebApp which of the alarms are used. So that the documentation has just the used alarms and not all other (standard) alarms


Short delivery times, optimized project timetables and efficient way of working on a project requires the possibility to work together on a project. Our solution for that issue is the possibility to share every project with your colleagues. And which is more important, you can also give them different right.

Additional Alarm List

You may saw our alarm list, which is the heart of our WebApp. But maybe for some implementations, one list is not enough, and you need a second list after the first one. Then the alarm text on your HMI/Scada get built like this:

“alarm list entry” : “additional alarm list entry”

Especially in the beginning you should know how all your alarms should look like.