Having a well sorted alarm list with is just the halfway to an efficient project. Every alarm also needs its own documentation to get the machine back in operation. For that we added a feature to have a specified document for every alarm in every language.
In the PLC you can then create a file which says the PLC-Alarm WebApp which of the alarms are used. So that the documentation has just the used alarms and not all other (standard) alarms.

Create a template

On the project detail page, the owner of the project can edit the link template. This template is the file which gets copied to every alarm once you create it.
You can change the styles of headlines and texts and create a formatting for the future pictures, tables, bullet points and charts.

Add and change the documents

When the template has the right formatting, you can start adding the documentation to every alarm in the preselected languages on the alarms-tab.
The two different icons show you if there is already a file created or not. By clicking on the +icon you can add a new file based on the template.
The other icon says you that there is already a document. By clicking on the icon, you get directly to the file.

Create your project documentation

On the project-tab export, you can find a list of all languages which have at least one documentation file attached.
On the right side of the language names you have two buttons:
– By clicking on the merge button you can start the merging process. Here all documents in that language get merged into one document. This takes some time according to the number of documents. But as soon it is ready you will get an email.
– By clicking on the export button you can download the latest document. The date and time of the last merging process you can find in front of the buttons.