Variable Names

While variables used to occupy fixed areas of memory, variables are now only defined and the memory area is partly managed dynamically by the system. Thus the available memory area can be used effectively and we programmers can provide the variables with meaningful variable names.

Add Variable Names

In order to keep the handling of messages and documentations flexible, it is often useful to store a variable name for each message.

To assign a variable to a message, the column “Alarm Name” must be used. This way each message gets a unique reference to a variable.

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To define the used messages in the PLC-Alarm WebApp at the end of the project, a file can be uploaded, which contains the variable names of the used messages. This way, for example, a documentation can be created that only contains the used messages of the machine.

If an import file is required for an HMI or SCADA system, a list with the variable names can be exported, which can then be used for further work. Of course the list can also export only variables defined as used.

Tell us what you need

If you need a specific format for the export file, just send us an e-mail and contact us. This can be a not yet supported PLC, HMI or SCADA system, but also a company internal application or interface.